We are an early stage investor in high growth European businesses across all technology-related sectors.

Sector agnostic smart capital

Seraphim Capital is a UK-based venture capital firm. We invest in IP-led businesses that have the potential to redefine large existing markets or create entirely new ones.

We typically look to invest at Series A, once businesses have built a product and achieved some early market validation.

We are pioneers of smart capital having previously launched the UK’s first angel-led venture fund and also  the world’s first venture fund focused on space-tech.

We currently manage a £50m fund backed by some of the world’s leading space and aerospace companies as well as a £30m fund backed by leading business angels in the UK and US.

What we look for

The businesses we invest in tend to combine the following attributes:

People – we look to back passionate entrepreneurs who usually have prior experience of start-ups, deep knowledge of the markets they are seeking to address and a demonstrable ability to recruit world class talent.

Product – we look for game-changing products and services that are underpinned by proprietary, protectable technology and have already achieved some early customer traction.

Market – we look for opportunities that are solving major pain points in large directly addressable and well defined global markets.

Space Fund

World’s first venture fund to focus on space at a time of radical changes within the sector

Satellites are the hidden lynchpins that make the world go round – we interact with them 36 times each day. As satellites are getting smaller, smarter and less expensive to launch, our reliance on them is growing exponentially. Many of the emerging new technologies that will come to define forthcoming decades – from drones and autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things – are ultimately underpinned by satellites.

Seraphim Space is a £50m venture fund launching in 2016 focused on the fusion of terrestrial technology and space applications. It is backed by smart capital from leading space companies. The fund is also supported by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The fund invests in both downstream (software), and upstream (hardware) ‘New Space’ opportunities, along with technologies which rely on satellite data such as drones and the Internet of Things, or which have potential space applications such as artificial intelligence, robotics and nanomaterials.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Nano technology
Nano technology
New Space
New Space
Earth Observation
Earth Observation

Our team has over 100 years’ experience of investing in early and growth stage businesses.

Collectively, we have invested in over 180 companies returning more than £750 million to our shareholders. We believe that a hands-on approach is the key to successful early stage investing, working closely with the teams we back to help them deliver on their potential.

Kit Hunter Gordon
Mark Boggett
Paul Thomas
James Bruegger
Anthony Clarke
Michael Jones

Kit Hunter Gordon

Chairman / Director

Kit is Seraphim Capital’s Chairman and a Managing Partner with over 25 years of early stage investment experience. He is also Managing Director of the The Summit Group.

Kit was responsible for growing The Summit Group into a diversified financial group encompassing vendor finance, property investment and services, structured finance and insurance – many of which commenced as start-up operations. Previously he was with JP Morgan in London and New York.

He has an MA in Law and Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.


Testplant provides a unique range of testing tools that automate software testing. Their eggPlant product is a ‘black-box’ testing solution. Using graphic recognition technology is tests applications through the graphical user interface – effectively automating manual testing. From mobile to desktop to mainframe, from functional testing to performance testing to test environment management, from QA test automation to live monitoring, eggPlant test tools can help any team improve their productivity and quality.

Testplant was acquired by The Carlyle Group in January 2016.

Visit Testplant’s website


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